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Are you looking to transform that boring concrete patio into a beautiful centerpiece in your backyard and the envy of your neighbors and friends? Or maybe you’re looking to add a concrete patio? We can help you take your vision and transform your backyard into the oasis that you desire. The days of boring concrete patios are over. We offer an affordable option that will suit anyone’s taste without breaking the bank. Most of us have a desire to have this extravagant look – natural stone curving around our perfectly landscaped yard. We know that it’s expensive and nothing seems to compare to that look. Stamped Patio Solutions offers that look without the hefty price tag. We turn grim boring concrete into a natural-looking stone that can curve around your backyard. We make your concrete walkway look just like a brick walkway, without the cost or the high maintenance. Technology is pretty cool, isn’t it?

We can build a patio and use concrete overlays, patterns, and colors that look and feel just like those expensive materials with the high cost to purchase the material or have them installed. Stamped concrete patios are becoming increasingly more popular because of the unlimited possibilities, affordability, and beauty. Low maintenance makes them even more attractive. Wood decks, pavers, and natural stone require a good amount of upkeep. Wood becomes warped, rots, grout, and sand shift, and grass and weeds start sprouting up through the cracks. You have the ability to choose from a wide array of patterns and colors to turn your concrete patio into your favorite pavers or natural stones, and we’re the concrete overlay and concrete patio Houston company that can do it for you. Give us a call today if you’re looking to upgrade your backyard without going over your budget. We’ll go over your options, explain how it will all work, answer any questions and give you a quote.


Concrete Resurfacing Houston

Let’s face it, the harsh Texas weather can do a number on the concrete around our homes. When there are cracks, it can take away the curb appeal that we desire. Cracked concrete happens for a number of reasons, and the soil is often the number one reason and is related to our hot Houston weather. Let’s take a quick look at what happens to the soil: When the soil isn’t properly compacted, it will create an unstable environment that will cause a crack with movement or a shift. When the soil dries out from the hot weather, it creates empty spaces that cause the concrete to become uneven and cracks happen.

The reason isn’t as important as the repair at this moment. Repairing the cracks and making it look brand new is possible without having to rip up the old concrete. We will resurface the concrete, making it stronger than before, with options of adding color, patterns, and style so that you can be the envy of your neighbors with the best-looking house on the block. Our resurfacing will last up to 15 years – we have the experience, knowledge, and passion for getting the job done right, no matter how big or small the job is.

Houston Garage Floors Done Right

Looking to give your garage a makeover or just looking to protect the floors from moisture and stains? Epoxy flooring can do both. Let’s face it, garage floors endure a great amount of abuse and after years of moisture, spills, grease, and accidental tools falling down to the ground. Getting your garage floors resurfaced, you’ll improve its durability, make them easier to clean and create a look that you love.

Here are some additional reasons for putting epoxy floors in your garage:

Long-lasting Durability – The durability of these epoxy floors is amazing. They can withstand the dropped hammer, heavy equipment and keep them looking new for decades.

Have moisture and stain resistant abilities – Spills and leaks are bound to happen, but you have nothing to worry about when they do.

Create your designs – There’s no limit to what you can choose with an unlimited number of designs and colors to choose from.
The best part about this is that you are getting all this protection and look for a reasonable price.

Garage Flooring Houston

The Only Houston Garage Floor Company You’ll Want

There are a ton of companies that offer Houston garage floors, but that doesn’t mean they are the best company for the job. At Stamped Patio Solutions, not only can we turn your stained-filled floors into the most durable, functional, and beautiful floors, but when installed correctly, they will be resistant to stains and slips. They will be easy to keep clean and will never look dirty. With our extensive knowledge and experience, not only have we been providing Houston with beautiful concrete at affordable prices, but we extend excellent customer service as well. We don’t just work in the Houston area, we live here, too.

Quality and excellence are important to us. It’s why we strive to offer both with every job. Just read our reviews. We’ll take the time to discuss all of your options of designs and colors, answer any questions and explain how the whole process works. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured to offer you peace of mind. If you’re looking for a company that has knowledge, experience, and excellent customer service, then give us a call. We’ll transform your garage into a functional floor that will last for a lifetime.

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Decorative Concrete Houston Is Impressed With

Concrete is by far the best material for the harsh Texas weather. Wood needs to be power washed and stained every year. Pavers and stone often have weeds and grass growing between the cracks. Of course, both wood and natural stone are a beautiful addition to any home, but the high cost of materials and labor and the yearly maintenance are valid reasons for going with something more affordable. Concrete flooring doesn’t have to be boring. Our expert team offers decorative concrete options that will take your typical concrete patio, driveway, and walkways and transform them into natural-looking stones and pavers that you desire without the maintenance or cost.

Here are some additional reasons for choosing decorative concrete:

Durability That’s Resistant To Damage
Not only is there virtually no upkeep, but concrete is highly durable, and the coating will make it resistant to cracking and stains. We use a high-strength concrete mix that isn’t your typical concrete.

Unlimited Options
Your concrete doesn’t have to be boring ever again. You have endless possibilities of patterns, etching, texture, and colors. Your concrete can resemble natural stones, bricks, or wood. Adding a border will help to separate your edging with a beautiful accent. You’ll get all of this at an affordable price.

More Bang For Your Buck
Decorative concrete doesn’t have expensive materials, and you won’t need to regrout or resand and stain to preserve its beautiful look. You save money on the cost of material and labor costs, and you’re saving on upkeep, as well. Plus, you’ll boost the value of your home.

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Stamped Concrete Houston Can Personalize

When you’re considering a stamped concrete patio Houston, one of the most significant selling points is the ability to personalize the look with patterns and colors, plus it’s more affordable than natural stone, brick, and pavers and will enhance your outdoor space just the same. You’ll increase the value of your home without shelling out thousands of extra dollars. Many homeowners attempt to do this on their own, but this isn’t a DIY type of project. When done incorrectly, you’ll experience cracking from the heat and cold. You’ll also likely need to reseal it often. Doing repairs on decorative concrete is nearly impossible. This is something you should leave up to the professionals. Give us a call today, and we’ll come out to discuss all of your options. Let’s take a look at some of your options:

Designs come in a variety of patterns and colors. You virtually have unlimited design options. Take your time to get inspiration from the surroundings of your home to personalize the design. Using the textures and style of your home’s theme will help narrow down your options and create a beautiful design. Patterns come in slate, flagstone, fieldstone, cobblestone, and wood. You’ll find that there are patterns that have joints while others are seamless to add textures. You can get the natural stone or brick look that you want. Colors are an endless possibility. The most popular colors are earth tones and grays, but we can stain or tint, layer, and mix colors to match anything that you’d like—adding decorative borders and contrasting colors to personalize your style even further. Give us a call today, and we’ll come out to give you a free quote and discuss all of your options. You’ll be amazed how we can turn your boring, cracked, and stained concrete surfaces and transform them into a thing of art. We’re your local concrete resurfacing Houston company.

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